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Features & Benefits


Feature Benefit
Turbo fast listing. Cut down time on repetitive tasks and focus on sourcing more FBA inventory.
Replenish SKU tool. Ensures listings are unique and avoid duplicate listings.
Print individual labels. For FBA Sellers, removes the need to manually sort labels.
Multiple price points when listing. Get the right price and avoid wasting time digging through product pages.
Build FBA shipments. Outsourcing your FBA fullfillment process to amazon, ship once to amazon instead of shipping individually.
Save your buy cost details. Avoid digging through receipts, easily track item costs and once items sell, automatically calculates profits.
View your total net profit by batch. Know immediately how healthy your margins are and how well you are sourcing inventory.
View average sales rank. Helps source the right products and sell more of them.


Feature Benefit
Track business expenses. Let go of tedious excel spreadsheets and formulas. Take advantage of our powerful automation tools.
View sales breakdowns. View all your sales and export them from one place.
Export inventory reports to excel. Avoid typing or recreating your reports and have personal copies saved on your computer.
View net profit for each sale automatically. Effectively manage your time by using our formulas and avoid the need for complex calculations and mistakes.


Feature Benefit
View net profit by date. Know how much you’re making per day.
Profit and loss report. Utilize report for submitting your income tax and other proof income needs.
Expense graphs. Adjust expectations and change behaviors to increase profits.

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