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We understand that you are a busy person and that you want to simplify your inventory management and increase sales. Because we listen to our users on a daily basis, we’ve heard you loud and clear; make inventory management easy.

Research Simple real time product scouting, our data is precise in all the areas that matter most.
List A work environment that allows you to build FBA shipments, track costs and list products.
AccountingIncome Automated income tracking gives you the knowledge to view profit & loss for each sale.
AccountingOther Expenses Track everything from mileage to business overhead with expense tracking.
Inventory View by accounting or management; see in-stock inventory value, enter costs, print labels and more.
Analyze Gauge your performance, know what is profitable inventory and your overall net profit.
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What People Are Saying About Us...

“Being able to see the true cost, and retail value of my inventory at any time is invaluable. Near real time reporting of my ROI and profit margin on each sale — fantastic! Add ease of use and great support and InventoryLab is the solution for me and my business, hands down.”

“The one thing that scares me the most in this business is taxes. After I signed up for InventoryLab, I had my accountant look at the service. After peeking her head in to see what the situation was, she told me everything that she would need to file my taxes was there. That peace of mind alone makes InventoryLab worth every penny.”


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We know how important it is to get the answers you need and the support you deserve. When ever a problem arises, our dedicated support team will be there to help you. Our support is powered by the leading customer service application Yonyx.

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Facebook is one of the most convenient ways in which we can communicate as a group; meet other amazon sellers who are using InventoryLab and learn tips and tricks from others in the market. We always take our time to address any concerns that our group members have.

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