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InventoryLab Integrations

InventoryLab + SmartRepricer

Link InventoryLab with Fast & Affordable Repricing Software

Gain an edge on Amazon with high-speed automated repricing. Connect InventoryLab with SmartRepricer for quicker sales and better margins.

Best of all, SmartRepricer is one of the most affordable repricers on the market—even before the exclusive discount for IL users.

Sync Data at Record Speeds

Sync your product costs and min/max prices from InventoryLab to SmartRepricer within 90 seconds. SmartRepricer will immediately switch gears to protect your profits.

Reprice Rapidly

Dominate the marketplace with SmartRepricer’s ultra-fast repricing. Update every 5 minutes — 3X faster than Amazon’s own repricer.

Eliminate Pricing Errors

Cut the odds of human errors in half. Upload data only once and ensure accurate and consistent prices across your listings.

Turn Strategy into Action

Leverage SmartRepricer’s pre-built repricing strategies to maximize profits. Aggressively target specific wins like the Buy Box or lowest price, or balance sales and margins to match your business needs.

Make Your Own Rules

Stand apart from the competition by defining your own pricing strategy. From ignoring used items to setting separate rules for FBA vs. FBM competitors, you have full control.

Stack Your Savings

SmartRepricer offers the lowest prices we’ve seen for a repricer of their caliber, starting at just $49 per month. But IL users can claim 25% off a full year of SmartRepricer with the code SPWELCOME

What Do You Get with Automated Amazon Repricer Software?

You already have everything you need to succeed on Amazon with InventoryLab. Why add an automated repricer to your toolkit?

Competitive Edge

Stay ahead in a dynamic market where prices fluctuate rapidly.

Increased Earnings

Set your desired profit margins to maximize your return on each sale.

Sales Opportunities

Improve sales velocity with smarter, faster pricing and a bigger share of the Buy Box.

InventoryLab + Zapier

Save Time on Daily Operations with an InventoryLab-Zapier Integration

Combine Amazon inventory management with extensive automation capabilities.

Simplify Expense Tracking

Set triggers to automatically update or create new expense entries in your accounting software. Changes in InventoryLab can be logged without manual effort.

Sync Product Data

Send product information such as ASIN, sales rank, pricing, and more* directly to your chosen apps. Make sure your data is always up-to-date across platforms.

45+ InventoryLab Integrations

Take advantage of Zapier’s library of integrations to link IL with accounting tools and extra ecommerce channels. Connect product data with Shopify and eBay, send expenses to Quickbooks, and more.