Frequently Asked Questions

I just started my business as an Amazon Seller. When can I subscribe to InventoryLab?

If your Amazon Seller Central account has been upgraded to a Pro Seller Subscription, you're eligible to subscribe to InventoryLab whenever you're ready.

Will I need to download anything to use the tools in InventoryLab?

Stratify? No.

Scoutify? Yes.

Stratify is our web-based application that you connect to via the Internet. We recommend logging into your InventoryLab account from one of four compatible browsers. (Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari).

Scoutify is our mobile sourcing app included in your 30-day free trial and paid InventoryLab subscription. The download is free for iPhone and Android devices and can be found in Fire Phone, Google Play, or the App Store.

Can I download Scoutify to only one mobile device? What about my business partner?

Scoutify can be downloaded to multiple devices at no additional cost! If you have friends/family/employees that are sourcing inventory for your business, feel free to have them download Scoutify and get them out sourcing!

What if I don't want my friends/family/employees to be able to access my InventoryLab account?

No problem. You have the option to allow access to designated areas of your InventoryLab account while restricting access to others.

When I use Stratify to list a product is it added to my Amazon Seller Central inventory in real-time?

When InventoryLab sends the feeds from Stratify it can take up to 70 minutes for the process to be completed and your inventory data to be available in Seller Central.

Will I need extra equipment to use the tools in InventoryLab?

Nope, not really. By logging into your InventoryLab account, Stratify can be used to list and manage inventory, access accounting data and analyze profitability. However, we do encourage InventoryLab folks to consider adding a thermal label printer (DYMO, Zebra, Rollo or Brother) to their business. Product labels can still be printed without a thermal printer—you'll just need to hop over to Seller Central to do it.

Does InventoryLab bring over my existing inventory automatically or will I need to upload a file?

InventoryLab will automatically import your inventory into Stratify. If you're taking InventoryLab for a test spin with our 30-day free trial period, we'll also import 60 days of your sales and accounting data. Then, once you upgrade to a paid InventoryLab subscription, you'll have the option to import additional sales and accounting data at no additional cost.

Can I export my data or will it be stuck in InventoryLab forever?

Well of course you can! You have the ability to export any of your data at anytime. You are the rightful owner. You'll find the Export tool throughout your InventoryLab account, and with it, you can export your data to a CSV file to be opened in your preferred spreadsheet program.

What if I get stuck? Does InventoryLab have customer support?

We sure do! Our Support Center is full of useful resources where you'll also find an easy way to reach out to us for assistance.

InventoryLab has a lot of tools and features! I'm not stuck, I just want to know more about the ways I can use InventoryLab in my business. Should I open a ticket for support in the Support Center?

We highly encourage InventoryLab folks to register for one or more of our webinars. The InventoryLab team hosts a recurring webinar that guides attendees through a quick-tour of the InventoryLab app, followed by a live demo during the Q&A segment. We also encourage everyone to participate in our community forums. They're the best place to ask our community of users a question, submit a feature request for discussion, or just catch up on the latest and greatest here at IL.

Still Stuck?