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Before InventoryLab

As an Amazon seller, it’s a familiar feeling - you walk into the store dead set on getting the best items for your online store. Then, it strikes. The dread. The aisles of products close in as you painstakingly type each product into your browser, checking and cross checking the prices, trying to math in your head. Was 100k a good rank in Pets? You can’t remember!

Once you get home you have to enter everything into your spreadsheet. Hours and hours later, you finish.

Maybe. Did you:

With InventoryLab

Walk into a store and finally breathe a sigh of relief - you’ve come prepared for battle! With the Scoutify app armed on your phone you can breeze through the store, scanning items quickly, determining your profitability, restrictions, and sales/purchase history at the tips of your fingers. No more head calculations - no more struggles.

Not in the store? We solve that too. ScoutX loads information in both the search results and item details on, giving you the most useful information for making buying profitable, quick, and easy to understand.

Once you’ve sourced the right products everything is imported into Stratify so it’s ready and waiting for you to complete quantities, list, and more!


List products, print labels, build FBA shipments or add to your Merchant Fulfilled inventory, track costs, and visualize your net profit.

Before InventoryLab

Amazon Seller Central is complicated. Toggling between multiple screens, trying to track inventory on one, costs on the other and then input all of the right information in SC. Even after listing, labels are a problem! If you’re trying to list 30 products, you can’t label as you list. You have to move mountains of products trying to find the specific label for each item. And if you mess up - will you even catch it? If you do - you’ll have to reprint the labels and re-do every product. Don’t even get us started on box contents!

With InventoryLab

No more hand entering numbers if you don’t want to. Stratify is compatible with desktop barcode scanners to help you pull all the information you need directly into the software. It shows the FBA and MFN listing options, new and used prices, and if the item needs any special preparation! PHEW! That’s a lot cut out. It even cuts out work for printing! Anytime you confirm an item, Stratify will automatically print a label for it! Easy!


Manage everything from mileage to business overhead with expense tracking. With automated income tracking you know the profitability of each and every sale.

Before InventoryLab

It’s the end of month and you’re looking over the mountains of receipts, sales logs, and spreadsheets. Did you actually make any money this month? Hard to tell. You’ve spent hours manually calculating your profit and loss, hoping that the numbers are right. But are you even accounting for the time you’re spending doing everything manually? Without knowing your sales, profit, and costs easily, how do you know what to buy again - or what’s costing you money? If you want a profitable Amazon business, you need to know your numbers.

With InventoryLab

Utilizing Stratify keeps you and your business running smoothly. As a business owner, it’s critical to know where your money is coming from and where it's flowing out. Stratify keeps track of your buy and sale prices, shipping costs, refunds, reimbursements, mileage, supply costs and more! Not only will you know all of these, you’ll know them in seconds rather than minutes or hours. Knowledge is power - especially for you and your business.


Manage your inventory and view total in-stock value, sales value, and accounting details.

Before InventoryLab

You’ve just gotten home from shopping and you open up your storage closet to find dozens of the same thing! Ack! Managing Amazon FBA or MFN inventory can be a daunting task without a proper system in place. Now you’ve spent all that time at the store shopping, plus the money and now you’ve got extra product you didn’t need!

With InventoryLab

Now with Stratify in your corner, you can avoid issues such as overcounting or undercounting inventory, ensuring that your stock levels are always accurate. This results in fewer trips to the store, saving time and resources. By knowing exactly when to replenish your inventory, you can stay ahead of the competition and maximize your sales potential.


Comprehensive reports that enable you to know what products, suppliers, and categories are profitable for your business, and visualize your overall net profit.

Before InventoryLab

Tax Season is here - and your numerous 1099s have arrived. The tax agent's advice? Find your receipts and then subtract your expenses - but you have to find them all first. Oh boy. Time to spend hours hand digging through boxes and envelopes with generic names and hope you found all of them. If you didn’t, well, that could cost you thousands of dollars in payments to Uncle Sam.

With InventoryLab

With Stratify, you can easily track your expenses, income, and other financial transactions, making tax preparation a breeze. You'll no longer feel overwhelmed during tax season, as you'll have all the necessary information at your fingertips, organized and ready to go. Stratify can help guide your purchasing decisions by providing data-driven insights into your inventory performance. By leveraging the power of InventoryLab's tools, you can make more informed decisions and grow your business more effectively.

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