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We Envision Something Better

We've set our sights high at InventoryLab. We strive to deliver the most efficient and innovative products possible, because that's what our Customers deserve. InventoryLab is more than a company; our mission is personal to us. We are committed to continually improving and evolving with the business needs of Amazon Sellers. We don't just support the community; we're a part of it.

Our Team

Bill Barnes

Software Quality Assurance Analyst

I am a retired Army Warrant Officer and former software developer with a few commercial apps behind me. I've been doing FBA since December 2014. I love doing RA but since starting with InventoryLab, OA is where it's at for me. I am passionate about the Quality of our software and that is where my focus is within InventoryLab. My spare time is spent around our family, flying my Hexacopter, keeping our landscaping up to par and strumming a few chords on my guitar.

Elliott Beaty

Senior Software Engineer

I'm a code junkie, mediocre volleyball player, and lover of anything outdoors. You're just as likely to find me in front of my monitor coding as you are to find me in the nearby mountain hot springs. I've chased my passions across the country and they're what ultimately brought me to InventoryLab; I've never been so pumped to be part of a team.

Jon Caliri

Product Manager

My wife jokes that I'm like a shark that has to keep swimming to breathe. Since I'm bad at sitting still, I like to spend my time wearing out my joints running long distances, brewing beer, thinking about brewing beer, building various things, coaching sports, traveling, or learning something new in a conversation, book or podcast.

I've been in technology for around 20 years and I'm inspired by companies that make great products that make the world better. I'm inspired to be a part of the Inventory Lab team.

I live in beautiful Minnesota (Skol Vikings!), sharing adventures with my lovely wife of 18 years and two uniquely awesome children.

Jeff Campbell

Customer Champion

I was born and raised at the base of Mt Hood, and have lived in Oregon my entire life. I retired in September of 2014 after 20+ years as a 9-1-1 Dispatcher. I'm a lifelong Dallas Cowboys, Texas Longhorns, and New York Yankees fan. I have a 21 year old daughter who is currently a senior at University of Oregon, so by default I'm also an Oregon Ducks fan (especially after she and her Acro and Tumbling team won the National Championship in 2014). I love to fish, travel, hike, and camp but I also love the Internet!

Vee Cole

Customer Champion

I ran a small antique business and spent over 10 years in the payroll SAAS world juggling support, staff management/mentorship, training and project management before coming to InventoryLab. I am a huge foodie and wine lover. In my spare time, I love cooking, writing, waving my geek flag, and refurbishing vintage/antique finds. When I'm not doing these things, you may find me watching SyFy, planning my next travel adventure or stalking The Walking Dead filming locations here in the Atlanta area.

Kristina Cook

Customer Happiness Manager

I am a Spartan (Go Green!) from the Motor City (Detroit, MI) where I worked for Amazon before joining the InventoryLab team! I live for reading and writing, I love to cook and bake, and I'm an avid gamer and anime watcher. Regardless of my hobbies I spend a greater majority of my time watching Disney movies and singing princess songs with my two year old daughter.

Jesse Couch

Head of Design

I grew up in a family full of creative types. My mom is a designer, my dad is an illustrator, two of my brothers are designers and my uncle owns an ad agency. To say design is in my blood is putting it extremely lightly. I am constantly seeking ordered solutions to complex problems—you might even call it an obsession. I focus on making sure that the design and user experience of InventoryLab's products are truly great for our users. At home, I'm surrounded (literally) by a fantastic wife, ten little ones, five dogs, three cats, four goats, four pigs, a llama, three alpacas, a dozen or so chickens—and a partridge in a pear tree. We work hard and play harder in the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia.

Kent Fitzgerald

QA Manager

I'm a QA Geek through and through. I've been in the software industry for over 20 years, working in companies ranging from small start-ups to one of the largest corporations in the world. I love learning new technologies that can make a difference in the quality of an application. I'm excited to bring some of my experiences to InventoryLab and contribute to an already outstanding team. When not working, I spend my time with my wonderful wife and daughter. I'm also a long time gamer of both the video and board game varieties.

Darren Ford

IT Director

I'm excited to join InventoryLab and bring my experience to the very passionate team. As an experienced software developer, I have spent my whole career writing software and managing projects and people from small startups to big corporations. I enjoy learning new technology and finding ways to apply what I learn to solve new challenges. While I'm not working hard with continuous improvement at work, I am hard at work and play with my wife and family enjoying sports and the outdoors.

Elizabeth Harding

Operations Manager

I was selling on Amazon off and on for years and finally decided to dive into selling full time. I knew I needed an accounting solution because I do.not.do.math. I signed up for InventoryLab and loved what I saw. I decided to help out on Facebook and answer questions just for fun and before long I was on the payroll. When I am not working I am usually posting the shenanigans of my children on social media in order to embarrass them when they are teens, or going on some sort of road-trip/hiking/new playground adventure. We also love traveling, especially if we can go to a good sushi place.

Wolf Hoffman

Associate Software Engineer

I began teaching myself to code as a hobby while working full time as a biologist. Eventually, this hobby became a passion and a career. I moved from Ohio to Idaho to join a growing technology community and to enjoy the outdoor activities. While looking for a position where I can continue to learn and develop new features, I was happy to accept a role at InventoryLab.

George Liu

Software Engineer

I'm excited to be a part of this very passionate and responsible team, while fully embracing the challenge of developing the best possible product we can. When I'm not working on the backend, I love watching pro soccer and basketball, and I'm always ready for a high energy discussion about who's the best scorer or who's the best defensemen.

Tony Liu

Software Engineer

I have more than 5 years of software development experience. I am familiar with multiple languages, databases, frameworks and so on, and am very interested in gaining new skills and knowledge. Before I became a member of InventoryLab team I worked in Tokyo, Japan for about 4 years and at the IBM Ningbo site. When I'm not working, I usually play PC games at home, watch movies, or go hiking outside.

Mary Lukefahr

Customer Champion

I was born and raised in North Carolina. For 8 years, I worked at Best Buy in Geek Squad and in customer service. Solving difficult situations is something I really enjoy. I am excited to be a part of the InventoryLab team! In my off time, I love spending time with my family, especially my three year old daughter Addison. I also love to travel. I've been fortunate enough to visit France, Spain, England, Honduras, and Mexico, and am looking forward to visiting more places off my bucket list. Other hobbies of mine include sports (hockey and football) and metal-smithing, where I make jewelry.

Abigail Piner

Business Analyst

I am an experienced customer service professional who is passionate about helping people find solutions. I have extended experience in retail management, so I consider myself an expert when it comes to looking outside of the box to solve a problem. When I am not working, I spend my time with my wonderful husband, son, and twin daughters. I relax by crocheting cute hats, singing, and watching tv - sometimes simultaneously!

Stephen Porter

Software Engineer

Whenever someone says "So, tell me about yourself" I have to smile a little. That's because I'm one of those weird people that just can't sit still and relax. I am always doing something related to my passions! If I'm not hacking away at code, I'm in the gym pushing heavy weight. If I'm not coding or lifting, I'm writing a blog post or contributing to online communities, learning and sharing my knowledge with others. If I'm not doing any of the above, I'm gaming and creating content for my YouTube channel. So, when someone asks me to tell them about me…well…I'm a coder who spends too many nights up coding away lost in time, a powerlifter who's nuts about health, fitness and nutrition, a student who loves to learn and share knowledge with others, and a gamer who has entirely too much fun showing the world how terrible he is at whatever game he is playing at the moment. Yup! That sums me up pretty well.

Ryan Stephens

CEO & Co-Founder

Before InventoryLab, I was a full time eBay and Amazon seller, spending too much time on logistics and day to day repetitive tasks while selling online. I started InventoryLab for my own needs and soon realized how many others would benefit from its ideas. When I'm not engaged in developing new features for users, you will find me rooting for the Kansas City Chiefs, plotting fantasy football domination, and cleaning my pool with Zen-like concentration so my three children can enjoy it all summer long.

Kim VanDenbergh

Administrative Assistant

I was born and raised in Upstate New York and wouldn't want to live anywhere else. When I'm not working, I live to spend time with my husband and two kids, regularly curse the day I became a Chicago Bears fan and write fiction that will likely never see the light of day. I plan my entire year around each season of The Walking Dead, the start of football season, and Halloween.

Forrest Wang

CTO & Co-Founder

I'm a true geek with over 10 years of programming experience, having been widely involved in web and enterprise application development in multiple languages. My recent interest is cloud and distributed system research. Being a father, I love to spend my spare time with my family, watching basketball, and dreaming of traveling the world.

Cindy Xu

Software Engineer

I used to be a developer at a large company where I did dull work everyday. InventoryLab rescues me from that type of repetitive, mindless work. I focus on front-end development, trying my best to resolve challenges and make our website more beautiful and faster while keeping up to date with the latest technology. Working with this awesome team keeps me excited, and helps me to grow faster as a developer. When I'm not working, I love to play table tennis or go shopping. Pop music is my favorite, and I like coding with music playing throughout the day.

Angie Zoellner

Customer Champion

I am so excited to be part the InventoryLab team! I love helping others and have always worked in customer service and administrative support roles. Other things I enjoy include quality time with my active duty husband, gaming, sushi, pilates and exploring beautiful Colorado.

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